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The IRON Dehorner/De-budder

Do It Better...All Day Long!...With...

READY . . .   SET . . .    DONE!

The Fastest, Cleanest, Most Effective Cauterizer You Can Buy!

Patent # 5,776,131

Featuring Quicker Cauterizing, Less Blood, Faster Healing, and Less Animal Stress.

No other cauterizing tool even comes close to THE IRON!

THE IRON tips are made completely out of surgical stainless steel rods.  This design feature, exclusive to THE IRON, provides a constant source of heat (1500 degrees) for hour after hour of continuous use…the tip will never lose heat or burn out. Use the flat head tip for cauterizing larger calves after dehorning and the inset head tip for de-budding of younger calves.

Within seconds, THE IRON cauterizes and you’re done! Less blood, less animal stress, and faster healing!                                                         

No More Waiting...

With electric cauterizers, you can do 10-11 head before you have to stop and recharge.  THE IRON runs nonstop at a constant 1500 degrees…when you need it, it’s ready.  Even the newer propane aluminum with bronze tip cauterizers are no match for THE IRON.  Those units simply can’t take the heat usually running maybe 15 head at a time…if they stay hot enough, if they don’t burn out, and if it’s not windy…because if it is…forget it!  THE IRON runs nonstop at a constant 1500 degrees…when you need it, it’s ready. 

No More Hassles...

THE IRON is totally portable, so you can go anywhere the herd is located.  Simply make the connection to your propane tank and in 3 minutes you reach full heat ready to go! No More Traditional Headaches...

Normally you dehorn and then have to pull the arteries leaving exposed nerves which can take 72-96 hours to die.  With THE IRON, cauterizing is easy, burning flat to the skull and killing all nerves in about 5 seconds. Safer...

Because you surface burn with THE IRON, you don’t dehorn as deep so there’s less chance of infection, and much less stress on the animal.  Plus, the animal heals much faster, virtually eliminating disease carrying flies and maggots as well as callbacks for non-healed animals.


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